If you’re a boss at a company, you know how important it is to reward your employees. The happiness of your team can determine how well your business does. Employees who have higher morale are also more likely to stay at the company for a longer period of time. The lower they feel, the more chances they have of leaving. You don’t want this.

It’s a good idea to hold celebrations or events with the main objective of awarding deserving employees. Some companies do it big with annual balls where the employees are dressed to the nines and enjoy delicious food, while others are a bit more casual with their shindigs. Either way, it’s always a great idea to celebrate with the company.

Fewer and Smaller

There’s a reason why employee morale spikes up every once a month. Whenever someone gets their salary, suddenly they become happier. It’s a no brainer. So, it works the same way as recognition. Instead of waiting one year for an annual recognition event, why not do something more frequently? People would rather be recognized for continuous efforts they are doing instead of waiting a year to receive a formal job well done. The minds of people crave instant gratification. They don’t prefer as much delayed happiness that they have to wait for.

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Give Something Useful

As an employee, you’d want to receive something useful most of the time. Sure, you can get lucite paperweights with your name and achievement engraved into it. It makes for a great trophy too. But, people also want something they can use. Gift certificates, restaurant vouchers, or tickets to an upcoming play are great ideas! You can even do one step further and reward them with something they can use daily. If they receive something they can use day to day, it’ll only remind them of the great work they did. It’s a good constant reminder that what they did was valued.

Genuine and Sincere

No matter the gift, employees can sense if the recommendation they receive is genuine and sincere. Whenever you give recognition, make sure the person truly deserves it. No one likes getting a pat on the back for sub-standard work. In reality, people get demoralized when they get rewarded for work that doesn’t have the best results. It makes them feel underserving. So, while you want to reward as many employees, remember to make only the best choice when picking.


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