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Buy your own car and work it, literally!

The Malaysian government is looking for a way to allow BR1M recipients to buy their very own Proton car using their BR1M money as the first payment for their first installment. This is a very wise plan considering that the government wants the recipients to have extra income if they would work as an Uber driver using the car that they bought. This way, they can provide extra money for themselves and their families.

Another great thing is that while purchasing for their new car from Proton Holdings Bhd, they will also get almost RM 4000 of the rebate. This is to help the recipients improve their standard of living by giving them a chance to earn more by driving passengers around through Uber. If ever this pushes through, this will be made possible by Uber, Bank Simpanan Nasional, and Proton.

How much will they earn while driving Uber?

On average, they will be able to earn RM 5000 every month which is not bad for starters. This can change their lives in a huge way and positively affect their way of lives altogether. If this plan goes through, a lot of the recipients will be able to live comfortably in a year and this will reduce the poverty percentage which is a big problem in Malaysia right now.

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Are recipients happy with this kind of arrangement?

A study has been conducted and 80% of the current recipients are all in with this idea. They agree that this can help them with all of their expenses, even if they only work as part-time drivers at Uber. This can change their lives for the better and the good news is that they have their own car at last!

Will the payment of monthly installment affect them financially?

Because of the low-cost cars being sold by Proton, the recipients won’t have a problem with paying for the car, taking into consideration that they will be earning an average of RM 5000 which is a lot already. The payment won’t badly hurt their wallets. Also, this will improve their overall way of living, from being in poverty to being middle class real quick! This also helps the economy in a healthy way.

If you are interested and want to know if you are an eligible recipient, go ahead and apply at semakan brim 2018. You’ll never know, maybe the time comes that this will be approved and you will have your very own car while driving and earning big!


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