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Buy or build, that is the question

As price of lumber in hardware stores continue to increase, a growing number of people are turning towards producing their own lumber and the chainsaw mill happens to be one of their weapons of choice. It’s not only handy but it’s relatively cheap as well. Also, if you don’t want to buy one, you can always build one.

The wondrous wood cutting tool has been around for over 60 years since the chainsaw became established as a safe and reliable tool to work with whether you are a professional or just someone who cuts wood for a hobby. Just be sure you know how to use it properly and you are mentally stable and not go wielding it in public like those psychos from the slasher movies.

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A brief overview

What are chainsaw mills you ask? They are small, handy sawmills designed to be used by just one or two operators. They are used to mill logs into lumber that can be made into furniture or construction materials for buildings or whatever you plan to build. These mills were invented to cut lumber in very remote regions such as the Alaskan wilderness because they are extremely handy to carry around.

Although production may be limited compared to other types of sawmills, it comes in handy if ever you need to cut excess wood and turn it into planks or if ever you just feel the urge to cut wood.

Buy or build?

This certain power tool is relatively cheap but for all you hard-core DIY purists out there, you can build one yourself. This begs the question, buy or build?

There are a few factors to consider if you decide to buy or build one yourself. One is the cutting accuracy since it’s not factory made and you will be more than likely to use commonly available parts that can be purchased or assembled, it might not just cut the same way as factory made ones. Also, tinkering how to make one yourself will surely be full of trial and error and that would mean added cost and a headache, as compared to buying one. Aside from these, they might not cut as smoothly as the pre-built ones and you might have to invest a little more time into smoothening out the wood. But if ever these issues don’t bother you, by all means build one.

If ever you are in the market for something that can cut all the excess lumber that you have lying around the backyard, the chainsaw mill is for you. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, this power tool would prove to be vital and a handy addition to your arsenal. It’s up to you if you want to buy one or go full on MacGyver and build one yourself.


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