Before globalization and the advancement of the internet, people’s ideals of beauty were limited to what their country held. If you grew up different than what your community or culture deemed to be beautiful, you’d feel ugly and like an outcast. The standards of beauty can be hard for anyone to reach, that’s why a lot turn to the saving graces of plastic surgery.

However, thanks to people are the world becoming more and more connected with each other, we’re finding out how different cultures define beauty. Some might be similar to your while others are the complete opposite. Either way, it’s fascinating learning about the various definitions of what makes you look good around the world.


Snow White

One type of beauty common in Asia is the prominence of fair and porcelain skin. People in this part of the world prefer to lighten and brighten their complexion because they believe whiter skin makes you prettier. This can be traced to the thought of women who are from the upper echelon of society need not do labor under the sun. Thus, having lighter skin gives you a high-society standing. That’s why active ingredients that are meant to give you a Snow White look are so popular in Asia.

Golden Goddess

In the opposite part of the world, being pale is actually not the preferred skin tone. In places in America and in Europe, having a sun-kissed glow is seen as more beautiful than a lighter complexion. This is in complete contrast with some parts of the world. It’s believed that having a tan means that you can afford to go on vacation and lay on the beach for hours. Apparently having a tan can make you look like you lead a more privileged life.

Dangerous Curves

The fashion industry has long favored the stick-thin body type. Women with flat chests and flat bums parade in expensive couture. However, in South America, a curvy figure is considered to be the ideal body type. No wonder butt enhancements are so popular in Brazil. The curvier you are the better because it’s thought that men like holding curves as opposed to bone.

No matter where you go, people will always define beauty differently. In truth, because there are so many definitions there’s really no such thing as being ugly, after all. You just need to expose yourself and see how your features are actually beautiful in some parts of the world.


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