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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Facts That You Don’t Know

Obamacare is very popular and is usually misunderstood. This is the name of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was approved by the former President Barack Obama in 2010. Whether you buy Obamacare or not, the Act of 2010 has already affected everyone in so many ways.

Obamacare to maximize

If you don’t know the important facts about Obamacare benefits, then here are the most important things that you should know of. The benefits that you can get from this legislation is already out in the open if you regularly check the government news. You must be aware of what is within Obamacare to maximize your benefits.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Goals

            The federal government has spent over one million dollars on health care which is more than the other budget item. The ultimate goal of the ACA is to help lower the cost of the Medicare and also the Medicaid costs. The Department of Health and The Human Services manages the programs of this legislation.

The Change in Health Care

            The ACA has mandated that the hospitals, doctors, and also pharmacists must work together more effectively as a team which has never been done before. The medical records are recorded electronically. These computerized records will allow the doctors to share their diagnosis and treatments.

            Then the Medicare pays the hospitals based on how well you will get instead of the number of tests and procedures that the doctors prescribe. Because of this, the healthcare costs will drop. Then the health care providers formed Accountable Care Organizations to coordinate your care between the doctors and specialists.

The Improvement in Health Care and Insurance Plans

            There has been a lot of improvements in the healthcare and insurance plans since Obamacare started. All of the plans have provided health benefits and these plans will not exclude the pre-existing conditions. The companies no longer fire employees who get sick. The parents can now add their children who are up to 26 years old on their plans. And also the lifetime and annual limits are not removed.

Additional Benefits of Medicare

            If you already have Medicare, the Obamacare fill in the gaps of the coverage of Medicare. Obamacare has greatly affected people in different ways depending on their situation. This can assure you that you will receive additional benefits with ACA.

Health Insurance and Immigrants

            If you are an immigrant of the United States, you must understand that you cannot receive Obamacare. However, the ACA expanded the community clinics for you so that you can use expensive emergency rooms for a much affordable cost.

ACA is More Than Just Insurance

            If you are not aware yet, the ACA legislation has also implemented different programs. It has built National Prevention Council which coordinates the federal health efforts for active, drug-free lifestyles. It also funds scholarships and loans so the number of healthcare providers will double in five years. The ACA also removes any proven fraudulent doctor/supplier relationships. And of course, all the nursing home staffs are being investigated to avoid elder abuse.


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