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Wooden Bats Versus Aluminum Bats: What’s the Difference?

Baseball fans around the globe often cite the cracking sound when the bat meets the ball as one of their favorite moments in any game. Once the batter successfully hits the ball, there’ll be no doubt that a loud roar from the crowd will commence. The excitement spurs forth as the batter and other runners try to steal bases while the opposing team tries to remove players from the other group.

All of this excitement comes from one moment – hitting the ball with a bat. Now that you know how integral the baseball bat is for the entire sport, you might be wondering about the key differences between aluminum and wooden bats. We’re here to talk about that today so you can choose the ideal bat for your sporting needs.

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One look and you’ll immediately know that aluminum baseball bats are superior regarding durability as compared to wooden bats. Many wooden bats break during professional league games, and it’s now an accepted fact that wooden variants have a higher chance of breaking than their aluminum counterparts. So does this mean that aluminum bats are better in every way than wooden baseball bats? Not in the slightest; albeit aluminum bats don’t break, they do become distorted and dented over constant use. Also, metal bats are more expensive than wooden models, so you might want to consult your budget when selecting the material for your baseball bat.


Generally, aluminum bats are lighter than wooden baseball bats. Since aluminum variants have a lightweight construction, players can bring more speed to their swing as opposed to using a wooden bat. However, wooden bats promote more power because of their hefty construction. So if you want to gain a high chance of hitting a home run, then you might want to choose a wooden bat in this regard.

Baseball Bat Tradition

After seeing some of the differences, you might conclude that aluminum baseball bats are clearly the winners over wooden bats. However, know that purists of the sport know that there is much history surrounding the wooden baseball bat, especially in MLB. Many still believe that college baseball players should still play with wooden bats instead of aluminum variants to become better once they sign up for a professional team.

There is still a continuing debate as to which type of baseball bat is the more superior model. Think of selecting a baseball bat as choosing codes to get an NBA 2K18 locker; you have to look at the stats and data first before you go ahead with the deal.


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