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Reasons why you should play in NBA 2K18 locker codes online

The NBA2k franchise is a series of video games released by Visual Concepts for their NBA loving players.  It’s one of the popular NBA games in recent history (if already not the best). The NBA2k franchise prides itself from having the best updates like new player’s lineups, teams lineups, gameplay, graphics and locker codes.

NBA 2K18 locker codes

As NBA 2k18 just got released, they opened a new opportunity for the franchise and Visual Concepts to show the gaming industry why they are the best. Not just game development wise, but also in execution. Sure, the people will love the usual expected updates like new player’s, lineups, gameplay, and graphics but what will make people keep playing this game for months and months and not get turned off are the locker codes.

People play for the locker codes: Locker codes are what people are raving about. Basically, these are codes that you can use to buy stuff, get upgrades and enhance your gameplay. Locker codes are given daily by the developers on their Twitter account to make sure that people will never stop paying NBA 2K18 and it’s working!

3rd party websites have locker codes: Aside from the developers, there are other websites that offer NBA 2K18 Locker codes online, exclusively that you can’t find on the usual daily updates from the developers. If you want one, there are a ton of websites that offer these, just type in “NBA 2k18 locker codes” and you will realize how big of a deal these locker codes are and easy to get in various sites (as long as you’re resourceful enough)

Locker codes bring this new dynamic to the table, that a game can be even more addicting regardless if you played the first installment of the series or NBA 2k18 is your first venture into the franchise. The locker codes will surely get you hooked, and with a ton of resources today to get one. It’s not even a question if you can get one, it’s about how many can you get within the day?


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