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The Origins of DotA 2

DotA or Defense of the Ancient is a multiplayer online battle video game that had been very successful in the past few years. The game has two teams of five players that will compete against each other. The goal is to destroy the other team’s “Ancient” which is basically a tower. Because it is a great real-time strategy game, lots and lots of people play this game. Some are even branded as obsessed with the game.

For all those who are new players or are just starting to take interest in this game, the newest version of DotA which is DotA 2 is now the most common game everyone is playing. DotA has gone through a lot of transformation before it became what it is today. Here are the origins of DotA 2.

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Aeon of Strife

Aeon of Strife is a multiplayer online battle game that is situated on a battle map. The game allows the players to a control a specific avatar or hero. The game goes by sending units of the army into different lanes that must be destroyed or defended. This game has a tower defense objective but however, it is not the main objective. But this sparked the idea of creating a game that its main objective is to defend towers.

Warcraft III

When the smashing game of the year: Warcraft III was first released, a person who goes under by the nick Eul developed a game map similar to Warcraft III. He started developing a multiplayer online game that was derived from tower defense theme of Aeon of Strife. This was the birth of DotA.

DotA: Allstars

After the birth of DotA, Eul and the company Valve had been working on different versions of DotA to top off the fame that Warcraft has accumulated. The most successful of all these versions is DotA: Allstars which was created by Steve Feak. This version was a mixture of all the best things from the other versions. Later on, Steve Mescon added the forum of the gamers which pretty much build the community of DotA players.

DotA 2

DotA did not remain longer. In the end, Steve Feak had passed his idea to Abdul Ismail who is most commonly known as Icefrog. Icefrog was the inventor of DotA 2. He continually added features to this game. He continually balances out every character and item so no character will appear stronger than the other. No levels were added to this game.

The fame of DotA 2 has reached all across the globe. Their community eventually grew and become the game of the year for so long. Because of this Valve, initiated an International Tournament for DotA 2 that was participated by players from different countries. Since then, this was done annually. With this competitive atmosphere, a DotA 2 MMR boost was needed and created.


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