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Why Medusa is less picked in Dota 2

 Medusa, also called Gorgon is a formidable late-game carry, disabler and in the meanwhile also a good leader. Her farming capabilities fuel her role virtually absolute. Medusa is thought of as tank also, each in sturdiness and AOE harm, once she is absolutely leveled and once she has no heritable damage items. She is one in all the rare breed of carries that may both tank and DPS at an equivalent time.

The hero incorporates a ton to supply. She is one among the few heroes who remained comparatively unharmed by the Neutral/Ancients modifications in terms of flash-farming potential and she conjointly benefitted from a global +30 HP change a lot—her beginning hp was among all-time low within the game. That’s also one in all the most reasons why she is less picked in dota 2 seasonal mmr boost mmr ranking. Below is the justification of Medusa’s skills.

[Q] Split Shot

Split Shot may be a terribly helpful farming tool, because it can grant you most of the time 4 creeps in a very relatively short time, or in team fights, a more divided injury for every enemy’s heroes. In fact, after you are in all probability be the tank you will be doing 75th to 4 completely different heroes.

[W] Mystic Snake

This is most player’s Medusa’s favorite ability, another nice farming tool essentially, that permits you to dominate your lane with not most problem. The vital reality is that it returns mana, and in specific anytime it steals mana, the quantity raise by 200th of its base value; same works the damage: 200th of its basic value.

[E] Mana shield

Mana shield is what makes her such an enormous threat, particularly within the middle and finish game, as a result of it effectively doubles Medusa’s Hit Points! It permits you to tank and at a similar time impose high damage output. A fully-farmed Medusa with mana-shield on is what constitutes associate awe-inspiring game for you and your allies.

[R] Stone Gaze

Medusa’s ulti has numerous effectiveness as a defensive ability within the game. This ability has proved its eminence and utility time and time again. It causes you to virtually unGankable, due to the Attack and movement speed slow of a factor of 2/3/5!

Medusa is a graceful exhausting carry hero. Though Medusa has very little stat gain overall she incorporates a nice carrying ability thanks to her skills mana shield and split shot.


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