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Getting the upper hand

Ever wonder why you still keep losing to that pesky player in NBA 2k17? Ever wonder why, no matter how hard you try and upgrade, put in all those hours just to better your character, get your rank up, get your status up, get everything up, you still aren’t at the top of the list? Tired of getting nowhere no matter how hard you try? Jealous of those users who have limited edition gear and don’t want to experience it again this coming NBA 2k18?

Why spend a bit of real world money to get further in the game and progress faster? You might have already spent a bit of money on other games and don’t want to spend more on NBA 2k18? Your key to getting ahead of your opponents is getting yourself some of those locker codes 2k18 edition and showing your opponents who’s who.

locker codes 2k18

Getting further

You probably are at the top of your game but still can’t beat other players and that frustrates you. That’s probably because they bought locker codes. What are locker codes you ask? Well, locker codes are well….. codes, provided by the NBA 2k team that enables the user to unlock different items and special players in the game. These codes give you virtual currencies, dunk packages and a diamond player card. Step your game up by grabbing one yourself so you can progress further and improve your “MyCareer” ratings and attributes giving you that edge over other players.

How do I get a locker code?

There’s the official way of getting locker codes which is lurking on the social media channels of 2k namely facebook and twitter. The catch is that they only release the codes rarely and you should take note that these codes are only one time use. Other ways to obtain the codes are through code generators offered by some sites like the link above. These are for people (possibly like you) who don’t want to or can’t spend real world currency to obtain these codes. In order to get genuine, working locker codes, you definitely need to put it a bit of effort. Get registeredor join in groups or forums that discuss on topics such as these, do some online research to find genuine websites giving out these locker codes. Once you’ve obtained the locker codes, use them sparingly as the codes are only one time use, know when to use them.

Playing without these codes can be fun but might pose a challenge once you advance further and face more difficult and more experienced players. These codes will give you the upper hand if you know how to use them wisely. If you have the money to purchase them, then by all means do. But if you don’t, it will take a bit of patience and a lot of lurking around sites but it will be all worth your while once you finally get them.


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