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The effective 12-week program from Kayla Itsines workout                       

Forget fad diets, chemical and addictive supplements and miraculous fitness theories. Begin your fitness journey with Kayla Itsines today and at the end of 12 weeks, you will find multiple transformation including weight loss, increased fitness and strength and boost in energy levels and that too without starving.

The components that work

At most of the fitness programs, what is emphasized is eat less and exercise more. Not many people have the time or the energy to undergo hours of strenuous exercises and not all can cope up with a reduced food plan. With Kayla Itsines workout, it is possible.

The workout is actually an ebook that lists the complete exercise plan for 12 weeks along with dietary instructions. Also, the plan does not ask you to eat less but it is about eating everything but in the form of controlled portions. The guide also lists many mouth watering recipes which means in order to get fit, you need not stay away from delicious food.

Along with the diet plan to be followed, the guide also lists complete workout plan for the entire 12-week duration. Kayla has also included some great recipes so that you can eat healthy without sacrificing the taste.

The detailed plan that combines right food with right exercises

Along with detailed dietary plan, the Bikini Body Guide from Kayla Itsines also has a list of workouts for the entire 12 weeks. Since the easy exercises are included for the first weeks, you can get started easily and then as each week advances, the intensity of the exercises becomes higher. This helps the body to gradually adapt to the exercises so that it does not hit a plateau. With the help of the glossary, you can ensure that you are able to do the exercises with the right form and technique.

For the first week, you can do the circuit workouts which are simple but yet effective enough. You get to sweat more and you feel the power of the simple and mild exercises. From the second to the fourth week, the intensity becomes more and for the third and the fourth week, the exercises become tougher. At the same time, nowhere during the course, you will find workouts that are difficult to manage.

The weeks from fifth to the eights are more about high intensity exercises. From the ninth week to the 12th week, the course of exercises changes and so does the power. But at the same time, the workouts are fun to do and easier than you can imagine. As you start on the exercises gradually, you can find that your body has adjusted well to the increasing intensity of the workout, week by week.

Lose the extra pounds, get your desired bikini body and remain fit with the fabulous and effective Kayla Itsines workout plan.



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