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Why is Zero-Interest Loan Dangerous?

When you hear about zero interest loans, your ears would perk up. Who wouldn’t want to borrow a huge amount of money without any interest? Right? Everyone who is having some financial problems would jump to that kind of deal right away.

It would probably be a great help to those who have a low salary or to those that doesn’t have a stable job and just wants to start their life anew. ilmainen nettivipit.fi  without any interest are any borrowers’ dreams in starting their own businesses without any financial drawback, except for the fact that they have to pay back the loan.

What is a Zero Interest Loan?

Zero-interest loans are common at car dealerships and at retail stores that sell electronics and household appliances. The loans are offered through third-party lenders, not the stores themselves, and to qualify generally requires an excellent FICO score, such as 720 or above. In most cases, the zero-interest perk only comes with shorter-term loans, such as 24 months or less at a retail store or 36 months or less at a car dealership.

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A zero-interest loan is exactly what it sounds like: a loan in which only the principal balance must be repaid, provided that the borrower complies with the terms of the deal. These terms typically include a rigid deadline by which the entire balance must be repaid. Exceeding this deadline not only carries a hefty penalty, but, in many cases, the lender rescinds the zero-percent clause and applies backdated interest to the loan.

Disadvantages of Zero-Interest Loans

  • Overspending
    it is natural to think that because you are being loaned without interest, you would abuse it. Overspending is one drawback. You wouldn’t have any control over yourself and just loan again and again after paying for your previous loan. Sometimes ending in a huge amount of money borrowed over time. You might end up in debt if ever this happens.
  • Impulse Buying

Promotions for zero-interest loans attract many more buyers than those who actually qualify for such loans. The buyers who show up only to learn that their credit does not qualify them for the 0% rate still receive slick sales pitches designed to steer them into loans that do carry interest. Even if the terms are not favourable, it can be difficult to say no, particularly if the buyer has already drawn a mental image of driving off the lot in his new car or installing his new flat-screen TV.

  • Penalties and Fees

Like any other types of loan, you will always have fees to pay first and always be vigilant with the penalties because they could make you pay for more. If you don’t comply with the Lenders terms and conditions, they will be quick to cancel your zero-interest loan. Always be on the lookout when it comes to that and you couldn’t blame them because lenders are just protecting themselves and when it comes to money, everybody wan to be secure. Borrowers who take advantage of such deals should understand what the deadlines are as well as any fees or penalties for paying late or exceeding the loan’s stated term.


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