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The Services Offered by SPS

The renowned subsidiary of Swiss Port, the Swiss Post Solutions or SPS commenced its operations in the year 2007 to serve the businesses and organizations with its most creative and digitalization solutions to stay ahead in the competitive market. Today, the company has emerged to be an leading provider of varied outsourcing offerings ranging from documentation management services to end-to-end business process solutions and wide spectrum of products for securing electronic communications. With the objective to change the way people communicate, collaborate and connect today, Swiss Post Solutions focus mainly on efficient distribution of information and data. The company is highly dedicated towards supporting the core business goals of their clients by rendering key information faster with precision both through digital and physical channels.

SPS has expanded their wings and offering services through its major business centres across Europe, North America and Asia and operations in more than 20 nations. Swiss Post Solutions is honoured as the leading and world’s top ranking outsourcing company by the international association of outsourcing professionals for three years continuously 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Documentation Management Services by SPS

SPS specializes in offering transforming documentation management services which enable the business organizations to flourish today in this digital economy. The company understand the significance of outbound and inbound digitisation process and the automation of omni-channel processes which are crucial for success of the business. With its documentation management services, organizations are realizing the enhanced profitability, competitive benefits and higher productivity in their business and by integrating the innovative solutions they are able to transform the way they communicate, connect and collaborate with their internal and external clients.

SPS’s Business Process Services

The business process services of Swiss Post Solutions enable the business clients to process their business simply by relying on the designs, analysis of physical and digital business processes and operation of SPS. The business process services by the company integrate both consultancy services and business process outsourcing services. The company recognizes where improvements in business process can be done and hence they implement innovative methods to deliver business process automation.

Intelligent Automation

The intelligent automation services by SPS allow the business to realize greater improvements in their business process performance simply by leveraging the artificial intelligence and robotic process automation in their business process workflows and documentation management. The intelligent automation never demands organizations to make change in their present IT landscape.


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