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Eighties Fashion Trends We Know (And Still Love)

There was a time when you heard the terms “Far out,” “Totally,” and “Bangin‘” all around town, and nobody would bat an eye. Ah, the eighties – it was also a time when fashion was at its peak. The 1980s paved the way for new fashion trends, and some of them even made it to modern times, albeit with some modifications.

Cloths of 80’s times showed plenty of excess; it was the age that reflected the term “overkill” but everyone was into it that nobody really cared if your shoulder pads were too huge or if your hairstyle can reach the 2nd story of your home. Among the many fashion trends during the eighties, there were some that caught the eyes of many even to this day.

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Slogan Shirts

Every person who lived through the eighties know these hilarious T-shirts with oversized text emblazoned upon the front, back, or on both sides of the fabric. While you’d get a shady look from afar if you wore such a piece of clothing today, back in the 1980s you’d probably get a high-five from a random stranger. These tees had text that usually stated lines from a song, TV show, or movie. As the eighties progressed towards the nineties, the fashion trend remains a staple choice among many. Even to this day, there are still some who would wear shirts with large texts, albeit the font size is a lot smaller now than it was then.


Before Jordache came into the scene, the only makers of jeans known during the eighties were Wrangler, Lee, and Levi’s. The new jeansmaker paved the way for other designer brands such as Calvin Klein. Furthermore, the brand opened up a new way of advertising by showcasing racy ads to differentiate their products from its competitors who mainly prioritized marketing their jeans’ durability. The gamble was a success and Jordache made a huge demand for their jeans which soon became a covetable fashion item.

Shoulder Pads

Who couldn’t forget shoulder pads during the eighties? Some might even proclaim that the longer your shoulder pads were, the more popular you’d be on prom night. Aside from being a time riddled with excess, the 1980s was all about power, and to achieve that look you’d need to have the broadest shoulders in the whole club. While many women adopted this fashion trend, some male rockers like Prince didn’t mind showcasing their massive shoulders to the public.

Airbrushed Shirts

Much like slogan shirts, airbrushed T-shirts became a huge fashion trend during the 1980s. Whether it’s at the theme park, the beach boardwalk, or the local county fair, you’re bound to see plenty of these clothing trends walking around all over the place. The designs of these shirts immortalized moments such as spring break, or perhaps it proclaimed your love of your hobby.

These aren’t the only 80’s fashion trends that we all know and love. Let’s not forget about the time when people liked to express their feelings of love, hate, and passion on whatever it is they’re wearing.


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