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Characterizing 80’s Clothing

The 80 talskläder wasprimarily influenced by the rapidly changing fashion and style during the time. Fashion, then, had to conform with the emergence of pop culture trends and globalization. Technological advances accelerated the spread of the emerging fashion and gave rise to celebrities’ fashion. Fans and viewers were primarily influenced by what they saw on cable and fashion channels.

The big impact celebrities had brought their kind of fashion at the forefront of the pop culture. Because there were various celebrities who rose during the decade, cloths of the 80’s were representative of certain groups. This was completely different from the fashion trend in the past when one or two clothing styles were predominantly popular.

Clothes in the 80’s

How were the people of the 80’s clad? In clothes, the 80’s was characterized by bold style, colors, and silhouettes. The trends spanned from ripped tights and leather to polished oversized blazers. Style icons inspired clothing. In this decade, neon jazzercising clothes and bright jelly shoes were a commonly used. Some joined the bandwagon by wearing parachute pants and old clock around the neck. While some of these disappeared with the passage of time, some have stayed. Typical hipsters, slogan tees, fanny packs, and washed jean jackets have bolstered a comeback in 2017.

80 tals kläde

Decade of Style Icons

Fashion in the 1980s was considered a result of experimentation with the emergence of style icons such as Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, and Boy George. Clothes defined personalities and were used to make fashion statements. The late Lady Diana popularized padded shoulders, the power shoulders as others call it. The King of Pop’s power jacket became one of the most copied cuts of the decade. Jane Fonda made leg-warmers and Lycra as trends that captured the decade just like the power shoulders of Lady Diana. Boy George popularized the androgynous look by wearing blouses, high-heeled boots, large hoop earrings and faces full of make-up.

Music Video Inspired Clothing

With the rising popularity of music icons came the launch of MTV and cable television. This had a great impact to clothing and style of the decade. Eventually, people took their fashion and style from music videos and popular personalities. The exposure to icons’ fashion and style was intensive with the 24/7 access to MTV and popularity of cable television. This primarily paved the way for the kind of clothing style and fashion, which ruled the decade. People clothing was primarily inspired by what people saw in their favorite music and movie and television icons.

Experimental Period

In terms of clothing, the 80’s is considered an experimental period. While clothing was primarily influenced by music, movie, and television icons, people tended to experiment with fashion. Clothing was used as a form of self – expression. A variety of looks existed this period to emphasize personal style. Click Here to know about fashion on  1980’s.

There are so many factors that contributed to the clothing in the 1980’s. The interplay of technology, fashion and movie icons, and self – expression gave birth to what can be considered a unique and distinct fashion and style.


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