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Revolutionising how you listen to music – internet radio

Internet Radio – the game changer

The internet has taken has the world by storm.  It has changed everything about life.  It has revolutionised how we gain our information, education, occupation and even our entertainment.  While the cell phone killed the conventional telephone instrument, the watch, the alarm clock, the stop watch, the still camera, the video camera and many other such utility devices, it is the internet that has facilitated applications like shopping, banking, bill payment, ticket booking and entertainment streaming on cell phones, computers and other such devices.  The Internet Radio has changed the way we listen to music and it is here in our lives to stay.

Internet Radio

Advantages over conventional playback devices

Unlike the conventional playback devices like cassette players and cd and mp3 players, the radio is undemanding of your time and energy.  While playback devices offer you the choice of listening to the music you want, the onus of acquiring, downloading, maintaining and regulating that music lies on you.  On the other hand, the radio is a hassle free entertainer where you don’t need to manage anything.  The radio jockeys do all the work for you.  They provide you with entertainment and information depending upon the time of the day and the bands or stations that you choose.  The output from a radio is boundless, seamless and endless.  Until the introduction of radio streaming on the internet you had to maintain a physical radio playing device to get your radio music.  Now, thanks to Internet Radio  even this is done away with.   The internet can provide you radio music continuously and ceaselessly.  With no pre requisite of downloads and system requirements, it can be used from a computer or a mobile.

As compared to the conventional radio the internet radio can provide you an array of streaming channels, so variegated that you are spoiled for choice.  Apart from the local stations you can have access to worldwide channels that your standard radio could never provide you.  Listening to internet radio widens your horizons and does away with physical radio playing devices.  It is just a virtual radio and you can carry it within your laptop or your phone.  It’s almost like carrying your radio in your pocket. You can also cut on your expenses of buying a radio playing device when you opt for radio on the internet.  With all these advantages, we can see how internet radio has revolutionised listening to music in the modern world.


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