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Music Is The Universal Language In The Earth

Music plays a very important part in our lives. Some songs sound so lovely and easily can relate to, base in our life experiences. Through the internet, we can search and easily download some online music. Base from previous research, it says that through listening to music, it improves our mental capacity and increases our physical health status. There are possibilities that in musical training, it increases our intelligence quotient (IQ) and will keep our mind still very active and sharp even during our older days.

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Music Affects The Health Of The Human

There are lots of benefits that we could earn while listening to music. The music will make you happier. Surveys say that whenever we listen to the song  we love, your brain releases Dopamine, it is a feel good brain transmitter. During the release of Dopamine, the emotion begin to work and started to feel happiness, excitement and joy. Therefore, to be able to release those sadness what you felt, you better listen to music in order to feel happiness. You can also gain more energy for the runners to run fast, especially when they are playing fast music, motivating themselves through it rather than listening to a calming type or rather running without listening at all.

Music Can Enlighten Your Life Even When You’re Down

Music decreases depression. The symptoms of depression will be automatically decreasing once you started listening to some classical music before falling asleep. Music helps you to minimize your food intake. The Georgia Tech Universities implies that through softening the lighting and through music, people tend to consume lesser amount of calories and gladly enjoy their meals more. Now, there is a high chance of curbing those appetites, by just listening to soft music with dim light effects and you will feel less hungry at all.

Music Is The Best Lullaby To Every Human

Music even helps you sleep better. Some Americans suffered from this certain disease called insomnia. A recent study showed that the few students who prefer to listen a more relaxing classical type of music, even for less than an hour before falling asleep is much better than those students who prefer those audiobook type of music. In case of having some problems in falling asleep, better try to listen to a little Bach or Mozart. Right then, you can easily doze off with no difficulties. Latest research states that music can also communicate the basic feelings of a human being, even they have cultural differences and character background. Moreover, we clearly understand about the universal language of the world we’re living in, it’s the MUSIC.


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