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Types of Research Papers

Research Papers are a form of essay that is much broader and well explained. It requires a lot more factual information and is supposed to analyze and discuss an argument. This is a higher form of studying, That is why teachers prefer research papers as assignments and projects.

There are different types of research papers. They vary in research intensity, the field of study and page length. It may also depend on the type of content that must be seen in the research paper. Here are some of the types of research papers.

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Interpretive Paper

This type of research paper is used on subjects like literature, humanities, and social studies. The goal of this research paper is to develop the theoretical knowledge of the student or researcher. It is simply explaining the deeper meaning of the certain subject. Topics may include poem or story interpretation and human behavior interpretation. Interpretation is done in three ways: reading the lines or situation, reading between the lines or situation and reading beyond the lines or situation.

Report Paper

This research paper follows the rules of a business report. It has the main issue presented, the elements of the issue, and a recommendation to address the issue. It also must include a summary, tables, and graphs. It also must include an appendix where the references of the report must be cited.

Cause and Effect Papers

Cause and Effects papers deal with exploiting the probable results of a certain situation or action. These also include stating the cause of the situation and explanations of how will the situation come down to each expected result. A Cause and Effect paper helps the researcher enhance his logical progression and conclusion.

Definition Papers

Definition papers are done simply by defining a certain topic. However, personal perception of the topic must not be included. Only the researched information must be used and must have citations of the resource. It also needs to be paraphrased to avoid plagiarism. It must also have an appendix.

These research papers may vary but they all aim to discover information and established knowledge. They are good activities to develop the knowledge of not only students but also experts in each field of study. Though in admission, these papers are very difficult to create even if you have all the information that you need. If you need help with your research paper, please click college paper help.


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