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Research paper writing made easy

Most people are repulsed by the very idea of writing a research paper. The image of working with stacks of books, articles and journals and digging into the pit of other’s knowledge can be a scary thought for some. But a few steps in order and anyone can write a great piece of research

Covert secrets to make writing easy

The most important thing is to believe in your idea. It is not important to pick out a heavy, highly-intellectual topic to research on and sound smart. Look for what interests you. It can be anything. No matter how insignificant it may seem, if you like it, hard work will come automatically. A research paper will give you the opportunity to develop the initial idea that you already have and turn it into a subject matter of further study.

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Second, structure your paper well. Like in any piece of written work, formatting is very important in a research paper too. The first paragraph of a research paper is the ABSTRACT. It is the first and the most important part of a research paper. It is a short summary of your paper. If the abstract interests the reader, he will read on. If not, he may choose to simply ignore it. Therefore, an abstract needs to be written well, disclosing just enough information to make the reader curious and read on. Like any other written works, the paper must be divided into three parts – Introduction, main body and conclusion.

Third, Research well. Research comes in numerous forms like books, journals, articles, internet, encyclopedias, interviews, newspapers etc. Take out the time to look for professional resources which provide authentic and valuable research insights into your topic. Never only rely on only one or two sources. Prefer empirical research. Double-check if you’re unsure about facts. Academic databases provide selective search options by providing multiple search query boxes.

Fourth, induce creativity. While it is easy to lose your own track of thought amidst so many ideas, you should make sure to induce your own sense of creativity and style to your work content. Write your own views about the topic and find relevant research material to back it up.

Fifth, identify the goal of your paper. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of research papers – argumentative and analytical. An argumentative paper focuses on opinion and provides for a logical argument. Analytical, on the other hand, offers the author’s own idea on the subject matter based on what is learnt through research. Based on the following answers, one must determine the audience of the paper. The tone of the paper must be in consonance with the understanding of your audience.


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