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Helping parents reach out to their kids’ school progress

 Most of the time, parents are not able to monitor the progress of their children due to their very busy schedules and work. Because of this, they are not informed about their children’s exam results and grades which would leave them unfamiliar with their child’s progress in school. This is pretty understandable because parents in Malaysia are sometimes having two jobs just to give their family a much more stable life, but everything comes with a sacrifice that could really affect their children.

In order for these parents to accommodate their child’s needs and guide them even if they are not able to attend any parent-teacher meetings, Malaysia’s Ministry of Education put up a system, called saps ibubapa, where the parents could access their children’s results in school. This has become a very big help and these parents have always been thankful because they were given a chance to become involved with their children’s lives even if they can only do it remotely.

Keeping track of their children

The SAPS system is a very useful tool for parents to always check whenever their children’s have major exams. it helps a lot for them to know whether or not their child is doing well in school because they can make sure that they can give them the help that they need at home. The system works once the teacher in charge with your child will upload the test or examination results and then the parents or people in charge can check it through the website. Another good thing about this is that they are also able to download and print the results so that they can have their own physical copy.

Monitoring your children’s needs through a website

SAPS have proven to be of a great help once the parents found out that they are able to check all major exams that their children have gotten. They are able to check the overall grade that their children have achieved and so the parents can make sure that their child is in great standing. It’s also able to give the parents the attendance of their children in school.

There are some things that the parents couldn’t get their hands on

Not all examination results can be posted through the website and these are the Certificate of Education Malaysia, Form 3 Assessment, and UPSR Testing. If you want to get a hold of these, you must go to your respective children’s school to find out about the test results.

It is with great understanding that the Malaysian Ministry of Education are doing their part to help the parents that are very busy get involved with their children’s lives in school even if they are not able to do it physically. They can at least have the comfort of knowing that their child is in good hands.



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