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Vehicle Wraps VS Vehicle Paint: Why Vinyl Wraps are Better?

Whether it is for your vehicle to look good, to have law-enforced labels and to advertise something, you will have to have it designed. Painting the car’s external used to be the very common way of putting the design. However, nowadays, the vinyl is becoming more popular than car paint.

A lot of experiments and tests were done to determine which is better to use. In the end, vinyl had greater features than car paint. Below are the answers to why vinyl is better than paint when it comes to vehicle graphics.

It Has More Options

Paint colors are limited to what can a car paint factory make. There are certain shades of colors that a customer wants that may not be available. But with vinyl, there is no need to sacrifice your dream design just to make use of what is available. Since vinyl colors and designs are computerized, the possibilities are endless. It is just one editing away.

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It Can Put Designs on Windows

Unlike paint, vinyl designs can be put on windows without blocking the view from the inside. It is called the perforated window vinyl. People from the inside of the vehicle can see what is outside. But from the outside, the people can see the design. This is done to further maximize the car’s’ exterior space to avoid awkwardly cut-offs as an adjustment to windows.

It Is Longer Lasting

Paint compared to vinyl has a short life span and can be easily scratched out. Car painting can also be really expensive. So if car paint is short lived and is easy to tamper, regular repainting or paint maintaining can be very expensive.

However, that is not the case with vinyl. Vinyl can last up to 10 years with very minimal caring needed and the almost same amount of cost. You don’t have to wax your car. You can just wash your car with the right kind of soap so it won’t affect the design of the vinyl. You shouldn’t also let your vinyl wrapped car out in the sun for too long. This will avoid fading on the designs.

It Has Faster Installation

Having your vehicle painted can take up to three weeks before you can ride your vehicle again. With vehicles being such a necessities, this is definitely a major disadvantage on your part. On the other hand, vinyl only takes 3 to 5 days for installation. It is fast and easy to apply and also safe to remove.

With these great factors, it is a no wonder that vinyl is becoming more commonly used rather than paint. So before having your vehicle redesigned, you can check out some vinyl wrapping designs. You can go for something simple to something really extravagant. It is all up to your imagination.


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