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General guidelines in hiring a luxury portable toilet and its misconceptions

Portable toilets can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. They come in handy at locations where there is no toilet, yet are hygienic and comfortable to use. One can get them for occasions like construction places, weddings and parties, office places, schools etc. Opt for portable restroom rentals here.

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Types of portable toilets that can be hired:

There are many types of portable restroom rentals available to choose from as per the requirement. Here are some of them:

  1. 4 Bay urinal unit: Ideal for men, this type of urinal is preferred at places where there is huge crowd. It is a ready to use, self-contained unit that can be placed anywhere.
  2. 6 bay urinal that can be installed and maintained easily, this can be used by 6 users and has the option of privacy keeping with the fencing or security panels.
  3. Standard toilet: It’s a regular toilet kind of one that comes with toilet seat and lock, a lock for privacy, wash basin and a sealed tank in order to eliminate the bad odor completely.
  4. Mains toilet: This can be connected to a sewage system and is very much like a regular toilet.
  5. Event toilet: It is a sooth finished regular kind of toilet with toilet seat and lid. It has a wash basin and privacy can also be kept as it is made of ply walls.


  1. Dirty: A toilet can get dirty. However, it depends on the last person who used it. Ensuring they are cleaned on a regular basis will help.
  2. Smell: With proper technology of sealed tanks and cleaning on a regular basis, these toilets should not smell.
  3. Ugly: They do not look ugly. Made from good quality material, there are also luxury toilets that can be hired which do not look ugly.
  4. Expensive: With a range of toilets available, you can choose depending on your budget.


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