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Choices available in carpets

There are thousands of different carpet grades, colors and styles to choose from. Five basic specifications- face weight, pile height, pile density, fiber type and tuft twist.


Neutral color carpets such as beiges, creams and charcoals are safe colors that go well with any color scheme of the room and walls.  Dark color carpets make the room look smaller. It hides stains but shows lint and is used in rooms that have more activity and traffic. It is ideal for houses with children and pets. Lighter carpets make the room look brighter and larger but show stains. It makes the room feel comfortable and soothing. Speckled carpets have both lighter and darker colors. It disguises stains and lint but can look dirty even when it is clean.

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 Fiber types

The most popular ones are-

Wool- has a warm and natural luxurious feel. Known for stain and soil resistance, it absorbs noise and is natural flame retardant. It keeps home cool in summer and warm in winter. It is durable, renewable and biodegradable. It is more expensive than other fibers and are used for living areas where appearance is important.

Polyester- is soft-textured especially when used in a luxurious thick pile. It is fade and stain resistant and economical. It is good to be used in bedrooms and playrooms.

Nylon- is tough and durable manmade fiber. It has built-in fade resistance, stains protection, and is long lasting and easy to clean. It is ideal for high traffic areas especially for families with kids and pets.

Olefin- or polypropylene is a synthetic fiber. It is inexpensive, water resistant and durable.

Triexta or Smartstrand- has characteristics of both polyester and nylon. It is soft, durable, stain and soil resistant, easy to clean, colorfast and fade resistant.

This is the summary of different versions of carpets one can choose from. Happy carpet shopping!!


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