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All about solar installations

It’s the day and age where in we have to conserve power and reduce our carbon footprint.  The use of non renewable sources of energy should be minimised as they will be completely used up and the future generations will never be able to experience them. The other reason of stopping their usage is the amount of pollution that is caused by them hence scientists have found alternate ways to generate energy for our fuel resources.

The use of renewable fuel resources are becoming efficient day by day and most important and easier to harness is the solar energy. If this energy used by half the population of the world, we would have a cleaner earth and save a lot energy. solar energy can be used for many things and scientists are working out how we can be able to utilise solar energy for all our energy needs.

Solar and Electrical Installations

How solar installations can be done

Solar installation can be done on buildings, offices, apartments etc. They can be installed for agricultural purposes too.

The kinds of solar installations that you can avail

  • Grid tied systems
  • Off grid systems
  • Grid tied with battery backup

These installations have to be done by professionals as they involve a lot of cost so a lot of thought has be gone into these installations right from the installers, your budget, the kind of installation you want, etc. The solar installation can be used effectively for all your energy especially residential needs like

  • Heating of water
  • Lighting
  • And the running of smaller devices.

For commercial purposes, it can used for large scale cooking, heating of water etc in the service industry.

The reliability of the equipment, the warranty and of course the serve all matter. The solar installation may take up much of the space depending on the your necessity so you should be prepared. Places where there is continuous rainfall or snow throughout the year are not the best places for having solar installations. But tropical and equatorial and some temperate regions can reap maximum benefits of using solar energy.

Developing countries can benefit most from solar installations as they can save on power and fuel consumption cost. Since the batteries present, they store the solar energy for later use.  Scientists are working hard to find ways in which the batteries can store more power and compact. So they can be used for many other purposes. They have been successful to large extent by having electrically driven automobiles. They may not give great mileage as of now compared to other fossil fuels but they are making waves of change.

Solar energy is the energy of the future and people will have to embrace it and there would be a time when every building would have solar installation to facilitate its power needs.


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