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Find American Automotive Service Solutions Vehicle service contracts

After months (or even years) of searching for your dream car, you finally have it. You are so excited and it gives you a sense of completion. You take good care of your pride and joy, sending it to the local service center for regular maintenance. You don’t seem bothered by the cost… yet, since the warranty is still valid.

But what would happen when the warranty expires? What would you do now? Of course you will have to pay for maintenance with your own money. But that’s not all there is to it, you will also probably have unexpected (and probably expensive, ugh) charges to encounter especially if you run into unexpected mechanical break downs. That is why you should consider getting American Automotive Services vehicle service contract to help you out of that predicament.

What is a vehicle service contract though?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not an extension of your car’s warranty. Consider it more like an upgrade since your car’s warranty covers only limited aspects. With a vehicle service contract, you could fine-tune that said contract to fit your needs. Of course it does come at a price but wait; you can also fine-tune the contract to fit your budget too!

Basically these contracts were made to save you (and your bank account) from unexpected and probably expensive repairs to your beloved automobile.

Ok, so what does the contract actually cover?

Well, each contract is made differently but basically covers automotive repairs. You can actually tailor-fit yours to what you want it to cover. However, repairs from accidents or wear and tear aren’t covered by the contract. Bear in mind that your contract might lapse when you don’t make the required payments or if you don’t go through with your car’s basic maintenance, which is normally required by most contract providers, actually.

What if I want more than what the contract has to offer?

Good thing you can purchase upgrades then. Most contract providers allow you to upgrade your even downgrade the services offered by the contract. Most contracts can be customized to fit your needs.

If you value your car, you should also value the work that goes into maintaining it. Relying on the warranty alone won’t do you any better in the long run since warranties do expire and cannot be renewed. Getting a vehicle service contract is the only way you can cut back on expected and unexpected charges whenever you take your vehicle to the repair shop.


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